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Rank Project name Posts
  5Malware network ActivitY Analyser6   
  8OpenCL ICD Loader5   
  9Runtime Verification Course4   
  10Simgrid Eclipse Plug In4   
  12Techniques Avancées de Test3   
  18Embedded Virtual Network3   
  19NEMOTAM Development3   
  20GINF42F1 - ACS - M1 MOSIG3   
  21Tasks with duration in SystemC3   
  22Sums of squares3   
  23Adele Team Forge3   
  24Programming Languages - Compiler Design3   
  25LIG Aikuma3   
  27Capteur d'avenir3   
  33Drupal module mi2s base package3   
  35CSRV14: benchmark hosting3   
  37Exam Monitoring3   
  38Hyperspectral Images Simulation Toolbox3   
  43Cours CED-MaiMoSiNE3   
  45Synthesis of timed enforcement monitors3   
  46Languages and Automata3   
  49Porting Alya kernels using BOAST3   
  50Semantic Similarity Measures3   
  52Plasticité sys. humano-physico-numérique3   
  56Feel ++3   
  57Enseignements système3   
  58Parallélisation modèle MAR3   
  61ARVI: WG1, Core Runtime Verification3   
  65Drupal module for invitation form3   
  66Guide CNRS des contrats européens3   
  67Template Project3   
  69pySPASS toolbox3   
  72Ubuntu remix for sensor networks3   
  73opnet implementation of molecularMAC3   
  85Groupe Calcul Grenoblois3   
  86Ubiquest DQE3   
  87GINF42E9 - IDS - M1 MOSIG3   
  89OpenCL bindings for Ruby3   
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