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Rank Project name Posts
  6Malware network ActivitY Analyser6   
  8OpenCL ICD Loader5   
  9Runtime Verification Course4   
  10Simgrid Eclipse Plug In4   
  11LIG Aikuma4   
  13Techniques Avancées de Test3   
  17Embedded Virtual Network3   
  18NEMOTAM Development3   
  21GINF42F1 - ACS - M1 MOSIG3   
  22Tasks with duration in SystemC3   
  24Sums of squares3   
  25Adele Team Forge3   
  26Programming Languages - Compiler Design3   
  28Capteur d'avenir3   
  29Drupal module mi2s base package3   
  34CSRV14: benchmark hosting3   
  36Exam Monitoring3   
  37Hyperspectral Images Simulation Toolbox3   
  41Cours CED-MaiMoSiNE3   
  44Synthesis of timed enforcement monitors3   
  47Porting Alya kernels using BOAST3   
  48Semantic Similarity Measures3   
  53Languages and Automata3   
  57Plasticité sys. humano-physico-numérique3   
  58Guide CNRS des contrats européens3   
  59Feel ++3   
  60Drupal module for invitation form3   
  61Enseignements système3   
  62Parallélisation modèle MAR3   
  65Template Project3   
  67pySPASS toolbox3   
  71opnet implementation of molecularMAC3   
  83ARVI: WG1, Core Runtime Verification3   
  85Ubuntu remix for sensor networks3   
  87PI generation with Kparam and cSP3   
  88Groupe Calcul Grenoblois3   
  89OpenCL bindings for Ruby3   
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