If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a developer, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Member Username Role/Position
Anthony RIBOTaribot Senior Developer
pierre-alain BARRAUDbarraud Admin
Céline Fouardcfouard Admin
Matthieu Chabanaschabanam Senior Developer
David reversatdareversat Senior Developer
Arthur Derathéderathea Junior Developer
Eric Brinetteebrinette Senior Developer
Fabien Despinoyfabiendespinoy Senior Developer
fabien grassiotfabien_grassiot Junior Developer
Fabrice Jailletfjaillet Senior Developer
Florence Zarafzara Senior Developer
François GOULETTEgoulette Junior Developer
Aurélien Jaffardjaffarda Junior Developer
Jean-Loup HABERBUSCHjean-loup Admin
Guillaume Kazmitcheffkazmitcg Junior Developer
Kilian Demeulemeesterkdemeul Junior Developer
Vincent Leallealv Senior Developer
Jérémy Lenfantlenfantj Junior Developer
Mathieu BAILETmat Senior Developer
Guillaume Custillonmccusti Senior Developer
Bérénice Menteynementeynb Junior Developer
Paul Mignonmignonp Junior Developer
Anna MIRAmiraa Junior Developer
Huu Giao NGUYENnguyen Junior Developer
Nikolai Hungrnhungr Senior Developer
théophile tiffetnotfound404 Junior Developer
Hadrien Oliverioliverih Junior Developer
Haddad Oussamaoussama Junior Developer
Prasad Samarakoonprasnuts Junior Developer
Emmanuel Promayonpromayon Admin
Richard Moreaurichard Junior Developer
Johan Sarrazinsarrazij Senior Developer
Nicolas SAUBATsaubatn Senior Developer
Pierre-Loup Schaeferschaefer Junior Developer
Claire SERYseryc Senior Developer
Sonia Selmisoniayukiselmi Senior Developer
Sandrine Vorossvoros Senior Developer
Baptiste Veronveronb Junior Developer
Vincent Lubozvluboz Senior Developer
Yannick Keravalykeraval Senior Developer
Yannick Lemaréchalylemarechal Junior Developer
hatem younesyounesha Junior Developer
Zhuowei CHENzhuoweichen Senior Developer
Zoheir DIBzoheirdib Junior Developer
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