If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a developer, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Member Username Role/Position
Abdoulaye Samakeasamake Junior Developer
Mamadou BATHILYbathilym Etudiant MCS
julien calandreaucalandreau Etudiant MCS
Vincent Chabanneschabanne Admin
rachida chakirchakir Senior Developer
Daniele Di Pietrodaniele Senior Developer
Cécile DAVERSINdaversic Junior Developer
Diallo Djamal Moussadiallo Senior Developer
Vincent Doyeuxdoyeux Junior Developer
Lisa Dumasdumasli Etudiant MCS
Anna Effeindzouroueffeindm Etudiant MCS
nadir foukafouka Junior Developer
Gonçalo Penagpena Senior Developer
GRATIEN Jean-Marcgratienj Senior Developer
Mourad Ismailismail Senior Developer
Pierre Jolivetjolivetp Senior Developer
Alexis Loyerloyera Etudiant MCS
Emmanuel Maitremaitre Senior Developer
Stefanie MEUNIERmeuniest Etudiant MCS
Micol Pennacchiomicol Senior Developer
Baptiste Morinmorinba Junior Developer
Otmane Souharosouhar Senior Developer
Christophe Picardpicard Senior Developer
Marco Picassopicasso Senior Developer
Kirill Gostafpichon Senior Developer
Pierre-Matthieu Pairpmpair Junior Developer
Christophe Prud'hommeprudhomm Default
Ranine TARABAYranine Junior Developer
Stéphanie SALMONsalmon Senior Developer
amadou marc sidibesidibeam Etudiant MCS
Simone Deparissimone Senior Developer
Silvia Bertoluzzaslirpa Senior Developer
Sylvain Vallaghésvallagh Senior Developer
Marcela Szoposszopos Senior Developer
Thomas Strubthomasstrub Junior Developer
Christophe Trophimetrophime Senior Developer
Stéphane Veysveys Junior Developer
yann guyotyguyot Junior Developer
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