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2018-01-09 tienrecomplied of new fixes master
2018-01-09 tienwork arround to fix cases of delete samples
2017-11-30 tienrecomplied to scan single file
2017-05-12 TienMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2017-05-12 TienFix scan files with the same name
2017-05-09 Tienfixed problem when scan a folder with multiple files...
2017-05-09 TienFixed clean function when there are multiple file with...
2016-09-29 TienFixed minor bugs
2015-12-01 Tienremoved some debug functions
2015-12-01 Tienfixed out of memory when read abnormal big folder
2015-06-23 Tienfixed clean funtion
2015-06-22 Tienadd cleaner to delete generated txt after
2015-03-23 Tienremove tex for documentation (keept in development...
2015-03-23 Tienfixed name of the documentation in Readme
2015-03-23 Tienfixed documentation
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