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SVN is a software versioning and revision control system distributed under an open source license. It is largely used in computer programming, when several developers, working on a same project wish to share, save, make several releases of their works. The SVN system is composed of a SVN server that saves the different versioned data and several clients that connect to it.

Typically, in a developer team, each developer has a SVN client installed on their computer. Each developer works on a local copy of the team project. When one wants to share their work with their colleagues, they can put the modifications on the server (by using the svn commit command). On the other hand, to keep their local project copy up to date, they retrieve the latest modifications from the SVN server when required (by using the svn update command). Of course, this is a small example of SVN, it has a lot more options.

As many developers work on the project, CamiTK uses SVN to share the work. If you simply wish to retrieve the team source code to work on it, without sharing it, you can simply download it. Nevertheless, if you'd like to contribute to the project or simply use SVN protocol to save your work you may install a SVN client.


On Windows platform, we highly recommend you to use Tortoise SVN an explorer integrated SVN client, nicely built.

Select the command line option during the installation process.



Run in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install subversion

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