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NSIS Compress Package

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The camiTK Package construction uses NSIS Software to create Windows installers.

Installation & packaging

Follow this instruction to generate the development environment required to easily compile CamiTK on your machine:

  1. Download and install NSIS Software.
  2. Make the package in the directory : Package-dev_CamiTK3.3.1_WIN7_MSVC2013_x64 which contains the following subdirectories (CamiTK, GDCM, ITK, libxml2, Qt, VTK, xerces-c and XSD)
  3. Use the script NSISCompresseur_Camitk331_WIN7_VS2013_64bits.nsi with NSIS to create an installer NSISCompresseur_Camitk331_WIN7_VS2013_64bits.exe for this package.
  4. Use the script NSISInstalleur_Camitk331_WIN7_VS2013_64bits.nsi with NSIS to create NSISInstalleur_Camitk331_WIN7_VS2013_64bits.exe which is an installer with the NSISCompresseur_Camitk331_WIN7_VS2013_64bits.exe installer, the environment variable and the license text.
  5. When you want to install : execute NSISInstalleur_Camitk331_WIN7_VS2013_64bits.exe !
  • There are some problems in NSIS with to big string path !
  • EnvVarUpdate.nsh is missing from the NSIS download, find it on the web !
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