Installing CamiTK for Developpers on Windows

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This page will help you to configure and install the CamiTK framework on your Windows computer with its dependencies. We recommend Windows users to use Windows 7 x64 operating system. We provide a simple and nice installer with CamiTK and all its dependencies for Visual Studio C++ 2015.



Basic system softwares installation

When installing Windows on a new system, you need basic softwares such as new web-browser, an archive manager etc. Most of them can be installed thanks to a free basic script that you may download using ninite, a free silent installer for most popular basic applications.
Select the programs you wish to install on your computer, then download the installer and launch it with administrator privileges.

Programs installed thanks to this script will be installed in the default program directory : C:\Program Files.

Basic development softwares installation

In order to correctly configure and develop under a Windows system, you will need to manually install the following sofwares:

All those softwares are required in order to correctly work on your computer with CamiTK.

Setup your IDE

NEW All-in one installer CamiTK 4.0.4

We provide an all-in one installer for Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2015, Qt 5.6.1 already installed on your machine. This installer will install the following libraries on your computer, in the C:\dev (64 bit) directory :

  • CamiTK 4.0.4 and its source code with these required libraries :
  • Optional libraries
    • ITK 4.9
64bits installer

Please be careful after installation that you find in your Path Variable those variables. With this version of those installers, you have to register them manually (the prefix - C:\dev\.. here - d├ępends on your installation choices) :

for 64 bits system :

Qt path depending of your own installation path
  • C:\dev\CamiTK-4.0.4\install;
  • C:\dev\CamiTK-4.0.4\install\bin;
  • C:\dev\Qt5.6\5.6\msvc2015_64\bin;
  • C:\dev\Qt5.6\5.6\msvc2015_64\lib;
  • C:\dev\xerces-c\3.1.1;
  • C:\dev\xerces-c\3.1.1\bin;
  • C:\dev\xerces-c\3.1.1\lib;
  • C:\dev\XSD\3.3.0;
  • C:\dev\XSD\3.3.0\bin;
  • C:\dev\XSD\3.3.0\include;
  • C:\dev\gdcm\2.6.3;
  • C:\dev\gdcm\2.6.3\bin;
  • C:\dev\gdcm\2.6.3\lib;
  • C:\dev\gdcm\2.6.3\include;
  • C:\dev\ITK\4.9;
  • C:\dev\ITK\4.9\bin;
  • C:\dev\VTK\6.3;
  • C:\dev\VTK\6.3\bin;

We support CamiTK installation on Windows only for 64bits using Visual Studio 2015. If you target to install it using another version of Visual Studio, you may install it on your own. I You may ask for help on the forum but remind that we do NOT provide any official support for installation on other compiler than Visual Studio 2015

As you just install and set your environnement for CamiTK, you can now launch the CMake generation and Visual compilation of CamiTK. After the compilation you can use CamiTK, here is how with initial value for environnement variable, adapt this with the choice you have made :

  • As a simple user: binary executables are localeted in c:\dev\Camitk\install\bin and launch camitk-imp.exe.
  • As a developper:
    • launch camitkopensource.sln in your build directory ( c:\dev\Camitk\build )
    • According to your Visual Studio 2015 configuration (debug or release), configure the camitkopensource solution property (right click: ALL BUILD\Properties\Configuration Properties\Debugging\Command) and add c:\dev\camitk\install\bin\camitk-imp-debug.exe or c:\dev\camitk\install\bin\camitk-imp.exe
    • Compile the ALL_BUILD project.

Install CamiTK from sources


Please, manually install the required libraries:

If you plan to use CamiTK image processing content (store within the CEP Imaging), please install:


Install additional content


Non free content

Create your own project

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