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Installing CamiTK for Developpers on Mac

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Current CamiTK developers are quite new to Mac OSX and did not have the time nor manpower resources to develop a bundle .app package for CamiTK users on Mac (yet). Any help from MacOSX developer would be welcome to do so.

We propose anyway several simple ways to install the developer version (of course also usable by simple end users).


The fastest way (cheating)

CamiTK developers have made great efforts to package the framework on Linux. The fastest way to install CamiTK on Mac is to use this mature feature.

  1. Download a virtual machine software, for example the Open Source cross-plateform Virtual Box and install it
  2. Download a Linux version, for example Kubuntu (which already contains KDE) and install it on your virtual machine (following this for example)
  3. Start your virtual Linux (Kubuntu) machine open a Konsole and tape the following commands:
> sudo apt-get install g++
> sudo apt-get install cmake cmake-gui cmake-qt-gui
> sudo apt-get install subversion
> sudo apt-get install kdevelop
> sudo apt-get install camitk-imp libcamitk3-dev

You can now run camitk-imp. To install the development framework, follow the instructions here

To read before Native Installation

Tools requiering Administrator Privileges

As you will developp on Mac, you will need developpement tools not necessary natively included in your Mac OS. These installation are done via a bundle .dmg (except for XCode Command Line Tool). Download the .dmg file, double-click on it to extract the package .pkg or .mpkg, double-click on it and follow the instructions.

  1. Install XCode (requires administrator privileges and an Apple Store account, but free of charges with MacOS)
  2. Install Command Line Tools for XCode
  3. Install CMake For MacOSX (check the install command line tools links)

Additionnal and CamiTK Libraries

Libraries needed by CamiTK (Qt, Vtk, Itk, LibXml2, Xsd, etc.) will be installed in a local directory (no need of administrator priviledge). Please create a local Dev folder in which you will install all these libraries.

Script Installation recommended (the simplest way)

Instructions to install additional and CamiTK libs automatically (recommanded) are available here.

Manual Installation (the hardcore way)

Instructions to install additional and CamiTK libs manually are available here.

Macports, Homebrew, Fink installation (not supported)

There used to be a way to install CamiTK Framework here. However, this install is no more supported (by lack of manpower). Any goodwill to help us build Macport / Homebrew or Fink packages is welcome.

Installing CamiTK itself

To install CamiTK development framework, follow the instructions here

Setup your IDE

Install additional content


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