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Installing CamiTK for Developpers on Linux

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This page will help you to configure and install the CamiTK framework on (Debian based) Linux distribution with its dependencies.
This installation procedure can be divided into three parts: basic software installation, CamiTK's specific dependencies and the framework itself.



Enable 3D acceleration

Moreover CamiTK will work better with 3D acceleration enabled on your Linux machine. On Ubuntu, for instance, go to system settings → additional drivers and install one of the proposed propriety driver.

Install a propriaty driver of your 3D card

If no drivers are proposed or no ones work, please refer to your Linux community helps.

Basic development softwares installation

You will find here the basic development softwares required to correctly configure and install CamiTK framework on your Linux distribution. Like we said before, specific command are given for the Debian distribution Ubuntu as it remains very popular.

C++ Compiler

First of all, as CamiTK is built in C++, you will need a C++ compiler installed on your system. You may install the GNU Compiler for C++ : g++

sudo apt-get install g++




Last but not least, we highly recommend you to use an IDE to work on your project. On Ubuntu, we like to use KDevelop that you may install :

sudo apt-get install kdevelop

Setup your IDE

CamiTK dependencies libraries installation

Following instructions will help you, toquickly install CamiTK external libraries on your Linux distribution, either with in all-in one command (30 sec) or one command for each library (5 min).

All-in-one command to install dependencies

Try this first. If your Linux distribution features the camitk package with the same version in its repositories, you may run the following command in a terminal:

sudo apt-get build-dep camitk

which will install all libraries dependencies required in order to use, build or work with CamiTK.

Note: you need to have the "main" source repository in your apt sources.list in order for this command to work properly

If the previous command generates this error:

E: Unable to find a source package for camitk

This means you are on a debian derived distrib that is does not provide a camitk package (this happened for example in Ubuntu 16.04). You will need to install the dependencies manually.

For CamiTK 4, in order to install all the dependencies manually, just type:

sudo apt-get install cmake cmake-gui libvtk6-dev libvtk6-qt-dev qtbase5-dev libqt5xmlpatterns5-dev libqt5opengl5-dev qttools5-dev-tools xsdcxx libinsighttoolkit4-dev libfftw3-dev libgdcm2-dev libvtkgdcm2-dev

Note: there is a missing dependency in the vtk package shipped with Ubuntu 16.04. To fix this:

sudo apt-get install libproj-dev

Also note that for Ubuntu 16.04 you need up-to-date Qt packages (default Qt package that shipped with Ubuntu 16.04 will crash).

Manually install dependencies

If you are not on a debian based distribution, or if the all-in-one commands above did not work, you need to manually install the required libraries one by one, but take care of which version you choose.

For CamiTK 4.x and up:

For CamiTK prior to version 4.x:

If you plan to use CamiTK image processing content (store within the CEP Imaging), please install:

  • ITK ITK4 for version 4.x and up, ITK3 for versions prior to 4.x

If you plan to use CamiTK biomechanical content (store within the CEP Modeling), you may install:

Install CamiTK

To install CamiTK on your system, you may install directly the package (if available in your repositories) or compile CamiTK manually.

Package from Debian repositories

  • Starting from Ubuntu 13.04 and any Debian Jessie-based Linux, you can also install the already compiled library and its development dependencies:

sudo apt-get install camitk-imp libcamitk3-dev

This will not get you the latest version of the code, but the latest packaged stable release (expect a 6 months lag on Ubuntu).

Install CamiTK from the source

Install additional content


Non free content

Create your own project

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