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ITK is a cross-platform, open-source C++ development framework widely used for the development of image segmentation and image registration programs. CamiTK uses ITK as an option for image filtering. If you don't need image filtering, you can build CamiTK without ITK, by not selecting the imaging CEP at configuration step.

To compile and install ITK on your system, several steps are proposed depending on your system.



On windows systems you will need to compile the library from its source code.

ITK Versions supported in CamiTK on Windows system
Versions 3.20.x 4.3.x 4.5.x 5.x
Visual Studio 2008 / 2010 x
Visual Studio 2012 / 2013 x x

For any questions about the versions supported, check out our external libraries policy.

Visual Studio

ITK binaries are provided within the All in on installer You may check this out.

If you don't want to use the All in on installer, then you will have to compile yourself the ITK source.

  • Download the ITK source code according to your version of Visual Studio.
  • Then, configure ITK with the following CMake options:

Replace Visual Studio version by the CMake build target corresponding to your Visual Studio version.

  • Compile and install it in Debug and Release.
  • Put your the installation subdirectories in your system PATH.



Depending on your Linux distribution, several ITK versions are available, here's the ones supported by CamiTK:

ITK Versions supported in CamiTK on Linux system
Versions 3.20.x 4.3.x 5.x
x x

For any questions about the versions supported, check out our external libraries policy.

On (Debian based) Linux, installation is pretty simple since precompiled libraries of ITK exist. Simply type in a console:

sudo apt-get install libinsighttoolkitX-dev

Replace X with the ITK versions available in your repository (X=4 for CamiTK 4.x and up, X=3 for old versions)

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