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CamiTK Dashboard aims At gathering compilation and testing reports. This server runs CDash to gather this information, that are sent by each computer that compiles and run tests from its own "build" of CamiTK source code. This tutorial will show you how to configure your computer to send build report and make test using CTest.

How to send a build report to the server

Sending a build report to the CamiTK Dashboard is pretty simple since all the configuration is included In the CMakeLists.txt / CTestConfig.txt files At the trunk directory, root of the source code. When configuring a build for Windows or Linux it will automatically create target / project for continuous integration purpose. Several targets are created, such As "Nightly" etc. Building one of those projects will automatically send a report to the server (considering you have an active internet connection) tagged with your computer name and the build configuration 'Debug' / 'Release'.

To configure the computer name sending report, adjust the CMake variable "SITE" In the global CamiTK CMake configuration (In 'ungrouped entries').

Manually submit test resport to the Server

On Linux and MacOS, this can be done easily from the command line.

To run the test and submit, just type:

ctest -D Experimental

To check the test coverage, generate the report and submit, type:

make camitk-test-coverage
ctest -T Coverage
ctest -T Submit
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