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How to package CamiTK

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This page does not cover anything about the debian packaging of CamiTK. For the (official) debian packaging of CamiTK, please refer to the Debian CamiTK package tracking system.

It is also possible to use the debian packaging system to build your own CamiTK package.

To produce your own camitk package from the source code, you'll need to configure a build using CMake with specific options (to tell cmake what components to build in the released package).

Here is the default cmake configure command line to use:


This command line will build the camitk-imp and the camitk-wizard applications and ITK image processing actions. To add a specific action or component that is not build by default in the package, you need to specify the option on the command line.

Note that it might be needed to run this command at least 2 times in a row in order for CMake to recursively find all the dependencies (i.e., open the other .cmake files located in the subdirectories of the project).

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