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camitk-config is a command line application that helps you discover what is available on your installed version of CamiTK. it gives your information about the installation paths, the extension repositories, how many extensions of which types are installed etc...

For example in CamiTK 3.2, you have the following possible options:


 Usage: camitk-config [OPTIONS]...
 Build using CamiTK

 --help|-h             Print usage information and exit.
 --version|-v          Print CamiTK version message
 --config|-c           Print all information for a complete CamiTK diagnosis and
 --printPath|-p        Print CamiTK path on the standard output and exit
 --camitkDir|-d        Print CAMITK_DIR (the installation directory) and exit
 --shortVersion|-s     Print CamiTK short version string
 --completeVersion|-vv Print CamiTK complete version number (including patch
 --timeStamp|-t        Generate a time stamp that includes current system date
                       and time

This is an exemple of camitk-config --config output:

 - CamiTK version......................... CamiTK
 - CamiTK Short Version................... camitk-3.2
 - CamiTK SO NAME......................... 3
 - CamiTK Global Installation Directory... /home/promayon/Atelier/Dev/CamiTK
 - User Installation Directory............ /home/promayon/.config/CamiTK
 - Current Working Directory.............. /home/promayon/Recherche/Projets/CamiTK/camitkdrive/publications/2012-SoftTissueBook
 - Test Data Directory.................... /home/promayon/Atelier/Dev/CamiTK/share/camitk-3.2/testdata
 - Component Extension Directories........ /home/promayon/Atelier/Dev/CamiTK/lib/camitk-3.2/components
 - Action Extension Directories........... /home/promayon/Atelier/Dev/CamiTK/lib/camitk-3.2/actions
 - Number of Component Extensions......... 10
 - Number of Action Extensions............ 62
 - Registered components (G=Global, L=Local, W=Working, U=User):
   - ItkImages Component (hdr, spr, gipl, pic, lsm, nrrd, hdr.gz, nii, nii.gz, img, img.gz) [G]
   - Off Component (off) [G]
   - Physical Model Component (pml) [G]
   - VRML 2 Component (vrml, wrl) [G]
   - VTK Component (vtk) [G]
   - Alias Wavefront OBJ Component (obj) [G]
   - MML Component (mml, scn) [G]
    - vtkImages Component (jpg, png, tiff, tif, bmp, pbm, pgm, ppm, mhd, mha, test, raw) [G]
   - Msh Component (msh) [G]
   - Dicom Component (directory) [G]
 - Registered actions (G=Global, L=Local, W=Working, U=User):
   - Application Level Action Extension [G]  18 actions (Open, Select Last Instanciated Top Level Component, Clear Selection, Save, Save As, Save All, Close, Close All, Quit, Show Console, About..., Remove Last Instanciated Top Level Component, Show Axial Viewer, Show Coronal Viewer, Show Sagittal Viewer, Show 3D Viewer, Show All Viewers, Show Arbitrary Viewer)
   - ArbitrarySliceExtension [G]  1 actions (Adjust angles)
   - Basic Mesh Extension [G]  6 actions (Change Color, Rendering Option, Rigid Transform, Basic Mesh Picking, Center Mesh, Mesh Quality)
   - Basic Topology [G]  2 actions (Grid Topology, Sphere Topology)
   - BoxVOIExtension [G]  1 actions (Box Volume Of Interest)
   - Image LUT [G]  1 actions (Lut)
   - ITK Filters [G]  14 actions (Canny Edge Detecton, Sobel Edge Detecton, Gradient Magnitude, Gradient Magnitude With Smoothing, Partial Derivative, Laplacian, Laplacian Filter With Smoothing, Laplacian Sharpening, Mean Filter, Median Filter, Morphological Operators, Gaussian Filter, Anisotropic Diffusion, Connected Components Classification)
   - ITK Segmentation [G]  3 actions (Otsu Threshold Filter, Manual Threshod Filter, Region Growing Segmentation)
   - Mesh Processing [G]  6 actions (Decimation, Clean Mesh, Fill With Points, Warp Out, ExtractSurface, ICP Registration)
   - MML [G]  1 actions (CreateSC)
   - MultiPickingExtension [G]  1 actions (Multiple Picking)
   - pixelcolorchanger [G]  1 actions (Pixel Color Changer)
   - reconstruction [G]  1 actions (Reconstruction)
   - ShowIn3DExtension [G]  5 actions (ShowImageIn3D, ShowAxialSliceIn3D, ShowCoronalSliceIn3D, ShowSagittalSliceIn3D, ShowArbitrarySliceIn3D)
   - VolumeRenderingExtension [G]  1 actions (Volume Rendering)

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