Release Name: 4.0.0


Full compatibility on 32 and 64-architectures with gcc-4.7+, clang-3.7+, icc-15.0.3+ and cygwin-2.0.4+.
FFLAS-FFPACK 2.1.0 and future LinBox compatibility.


Backward compatibility breaking changes:
* C++11 compiler required ;
* Merged all fields/rings from FFLAS-FFPACK and LinBox ;
* ZpzDom are now Modular<Storage_t, Compute_t> ;
* Givaro::Integer interface only accepts fixed-width types (u)intXX_t from cstdint header ;
* F.init() semantics is split into F.init() and F.reduce().
** F.init(Element, X) is a constructor of Element from X
** Exists by default on float,double,int8-16-32-64,uint8-16-32-64,Integer
** Copy constructor is forbidden
** To copy, use: Element e,a; ... ; F.init(e); F.assign(e,a);
** F.reduce gives a "canonical" form to elements: F.reduce(e)
** There exist, as sugar, a reduce with 2 parameters, which semantics is: "F.assign(e,a); F.reduce(e);"
** Every "init" must set the element into its canonical form.

Minor changes:
* Added RecInt library for fixed precision arithmetic ;
* Bug fixes and various improvements.
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