Release Name: 2.2.11


* new configure option --enable-custom-vendordir to change default vendors directory at build time
* OCL_ICD_ASSUME_ICD_EXTENSION must be set if the ICD is non compliant (for example, if it does not export clGetPlatformInfo)


Version 2.2.11
Andreas Kloeckner (3):
      Add autoconf option for custom vendors .icd path
      Make vendordir relative to
      Hack the docs to reflect configured vendordir

Vincent Danjean (8):
      Revert "By default, use platforme specific clGetPlatformInfo"
      Do not deference the plateform structure before checking it is an ICD
      Cleanup --enable-custom-vendordir usage
      [doc] ensure that files are correctly distributed and/or cleaned up
      [doc] improve doc
      [build] add notice message about what is choosen
      Merge branch 'rel-vendor'
      Release 2.2.11
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