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RE: Abaqus simulation (.INP / .ODB) on CamiTK [ reply ]
By: Emmanuel Promayon on 2016-12-13 17:14

Thank you for your message.

.off meshes are directly supported in the CamiTK SDK
I don't know anything about the Abaqus ODB file format. Does it contains a mesh? Is it a text or binary format?
If you have the Abaqus ODB mesh specification, you should be able to create a specific CamiTK Extension Project to read the .ODB and map it to a CamiTK MeshComponent.

The second option (running Abaqus simulation directly from CamiTK) is also possible if Abaqus can be ran from an external script or by accessing its C or C++ API. It is probably a lot more work. You will need to write a specific MML Simulator (from the CamiTK modeling CEP), that can translate generic MML simulation file to the proper Abaqus scripts.

Last question: what type of comparison do you want to perform between the meshes?

Hope this helps!

Abaqus simulation (.INP / .ODB) on CamiTK [ reply ]
By: Karolina Golec on 2016-12-01 14:33
Hi! I am new to CamiTK and I wanted to compare .OFF and .ODB mesh files of two simulations made on hexahedral mesh.

Is there any possibility to compare the simulation made on Abaqus (.ODB being the output file) to the .OFF output? Or maybe conduct the simulation of Abaqus' FEM in CamiTK directly to get the results there?

I have all the output files - from one program being .OFF and from Abaqus of course .ODB and no possibility of comparing the results...

Thanks for help!

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