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RE: Abaqus simulation (.INP / .ODB) on CamiTK [ reply ]
By: Emmanuel Promayon on 2016-12-13 17:14

Thank you for your message.

.off meshes are directly supported in the CamiTK SDK
I don't know anything about the Abaqus ODB file format. Does it contains a mesh? Is it a text or binary format?
If you have the Abaqus ODB mesh specification, you should be able to create a specific CamiTK Extension Project to read the .ODB and map it to a CamiTK MeshComponent.

The second option (running Abaqus simulation directly from CamiTK) is also possible if Abaqus can be ran from an external script or by accessing its C or C++ API. It is probably a lot more work. You will need to write a specific MML Simulator (from the CamiTK modeling CEP), that can translate generic MML simulation file to the proper Abaqus scripts.

Last question: what type of comparison do you want to perform between the meshes?

Hope this helps!

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