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Beta release CamiTK 4.0.0 and Git in CamiTK project [ reply ]
By: Jean-Loup HABERBUSCH on 2016-04-08 11:16
Hello everybody,

Here is two important news about the CamiTK project:
1 - CamiTK 4.0.0 is released. Basically it is the same code as 3.5.0 but
use new updated version of Qt, VTK, ITK and cmake. It is still a beta
version. It is functional but two things are still missing: a compatible
wizard and a migration guide (in progress). See [1] for more information.

2 - We are pleased to inform you that the CamiTK source code management system has changed. It is Git now, you will find all
necessary information about the workflow adopted by the team in
this page [2]. You will be interested too by this reference [3] which
will help you to start with git.

Feel free to tell us about your experience.


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