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CamiTK project migrating to git + camitk3 [ reply ]
By: Emmanuel Promayon on 2016-03-24 16:36
Dear CamiTK contributors and users (this is not another drying machine spam!),

As you may have read in a previous message from Jean-Loup, the CamiTK project is currently moving to CamiTK 4.x and git. This forum and wiki are becoming the default CamiTK project forum and wiki [1].
All efforts are now put into CamiTK 4.x.
We hope to release CamiTK 4.0.0, a beta version (some other people call that a "technical preview"!), by the end of the month (yes, that's next week, no pressure Nico!).

The git origin is not available to all yet but it will be in a short while when the migration process is finished and the documentation for the chosen workflow is ready.
We hope to import all the svn history and log in the git develop branch.

As for CamiTK 3.x, it is going to live the end of its software life in peace on another new forge project [2]. No more new development will be added to the 3.x branch although we will do our best to fix blocking bugs.
This new camitk3 project was created with archive purpose in mind and the current state of the camitk svn repository was copied to it. Although its svn repo will be still available in R/W mode, we urge you to switch to the new version.

From now on, it is now no longer possible to commit any change on the camitk project SVN repository.
If you try, you will get the message below, which also explains how to move to the CamiTK3 unsupported svn repository.

Thank you again for your contribution to CamiTK 3.x, we hope to see you soon contributing to CamiTK 4.x!

The CamiTK team.

Dear contributor,

No more commit are allowed on CamiTK SVN repository.
This is an archive branch.

Please switch to CamiTK 4 (git) [1].

You may alternatively relocate your svn repository to the
(unsupported/obsolete) CamiTK 3 project svn repository[2]:
- command line: svn help relocate
- TortoiseSVN:

The CamiTK team


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