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New 3.5.0 release of CamiTK [ reply ]
By: Jean-Loup HABERBUSCH on 2016-03-09 09:28
Dear all,

We are proud to announce the new 3.5.0 release of CamiTK [1].
This release mainly focuses on stability. CamiTK 3.5.0 does not have many new features, but fixes a lot of bugs and misbehaviors.

FYI, the next CamiTK version would be 4.0, a new major version and should be available very soon (spring 2016).
CamiTK 4.0 will upgrade all the main dependencies: it will be based on Qt 5, VTK 6, ITK 4 and cmake 3.
The supported compilers (gcc and MSVC) will also be upgraded to ensure C++11 compatibility.
CamiTK 4.0 SDK is expected to be backward compatible with versions 3.x (apart from the minimal changes in headers due to the dependency upgrades).

We hope you will enjoy working with CamiTK.
The CamiTK team.


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