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RE: MarchingCube: referential of the resulting mesh ? [ reply ]
By: Nicolas SAUBAT on 2016-01-22 10:55
Hello Vincent,

You were expecting right.
The component created by the Image Reconstruction action (involving the marching cube algorithm) should create a MeshComponent instance in the component caller's frame.

We already patched this, in the SVN version of CamiTK, since revision 2142.
You might want to update your CamiTK version to this one.
Also note that we would release a new version of CamiTK soon (mostly next week).


MarchingCube: referential of the resulting mesh ? [ reply ]
By: Vincent Daanen on 2016-01-21 21:28

camitk.png (20) downloads

I'm using the marching cube algoritthm to extract bone from a 3D CT Image, When displaying both the slices and the mesh in the 3Dview, the mesh and the image seem to be objects with no relation (see attachment).

I expected the mesh to be inside the image bounding box..


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