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RE: "World Coordinates" Discrepancy [ reply ]
By: Céline Fouard on 2016-02-12 09:02
Dear Vincent

I corrected this bug yesterday (commit at 5:20 pm). So the new release version 3.5.0, upcoming in the next days will take this into account.

Thanks for your contribution and opinion on CamiTK

Best Regards

Céline Fouard

RE: "World Coordinates" Discrepancy [ reply ]
By: Vincent Daanen on 2016-02-12 08:02
Hello Nicolas,

I installed the new version of camitk yesterday and could then got the world coordinates of voxels..

I think it could be useful, in the future, to add a "World Coordinates" radiobutton to the multipicking widget so that it will then be possible to export/import the coordinates to/from a csv file.

my 0.02


RE: "World Coordinates" Discrepancy [ reply ]
By: Nicolas SAUBAT on 2016-01-22 10:50
Hello Vincent,

Thank you for posting in the forum. I confirm you that this is bug.
The multipicking widget does not consider the component's frame while computing the world coordinates when picking.
The property explorer (on the bottom left hand corner of the IMP application) shows the right coordinates computed while picking.

I have marked it in our bug tracker[1] and consider solving it for our next week release.
This is to say, in the following days we would solve it.

Thank you,


"World Coordinates" Discrepancy [ reply ]
By: Vincent Daanen on 2016-01-21 17:00

camitk.png (21) downloads

I use CamiTK 3.4 for get World coordinates of landmarks.

When using the "multi point picking", i noticed that the world coordinates which are saved (when clicking on the "Save" of the widget) are not the same as the one displayed when 'navigating' in the image.

Do I miss something or is this a bug ?

I attach a png showing the concern


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