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RE: ImageComponent ReplaceImagedata and frames [ reply ]
By: Nicolas SAUBAT on 2015-11-16 15:19
Hello Paul,

This is indeed a strange behaviour, mostly a bug.
This week I'll work on some ImageComponent aspects involving frames, I'll take a look into that problem and keep you in touch.

Let me a few days to come back to you.
Hopefully, in your case you found a workaround ! :)


ImageComponent ReplaceImagedata and frames [ reply ]
By: Paul Mignon on 2015-11-16 14:49

I use ImageComponent to display 3D volume from an external device and I want to display it as fast as possible.
So I use the replaceImageData method to refresh my data without recreate new ImageComponent.

I noticed something on the frame system, which I still don't understand well.

When I do my replaceImageData using an image with a non-zero origin, the image is translated. That means every time I refresh my data, my image is translated. To avoid that I have I do a setTransformTranslation to center my image on the initial origin.

I think it comes from the setImageData of ImageComponent which concatenate the new image origin with the last one, even if it's the same.

So I wondered if this concatenation is really necessary ?

I have another issue about setImageData, it some case (very rare in debug but common in release) the vtkImageReslice crashes at update, and I don't know why (vtk issue maybe).

Maybe someone has an idea to solve that ?

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